Beyond the Human Realm

Beyond the Human Realm

Today is a bitter sweet day. As I tune in, I notice a lump in my throat, a tightness in my gut and the beginnings of tears clouding up my vision. I’m not even sure how to skillfully  put words together to communicate the paradoxical tenderness that is my present truth. So here I go, doing my best at that.

Today I am overjoyed to be announcing the opening of Colibri Healing Centers. Colibri’s intention is to offer an inclusive space, free of stigma, shame and blame, for individuals moving through addiction, trauma, pain, loss, and anxiety. It feels so good to be cultivating a community that offers a new conversation about recovery, one that supports each individual’s unique journey along the healing path.

Today I am also very tender-hearted knowing that this project honours Michael Young, a courageous soul that left this human realm so that he may be of greater service to this world. Michael died of an overdose last January. I miss him dearly. I was asked to open a recovery house in his name by his mother, and I cannot imagine doing anything else more purposeful than allowing his big, brilliant energy to continue spreading out to others who struggle in the same way that he did. Michael and I talked about creating such a centre many times and I have made a deep commitment to see his vision through.

I’m not sure what actually happens when we die, but I am sure that Michael’s energy is here with us, keeping all of us at Colibri uplifted and inspired to dedicate our lives to the welfare of others.

The Colibri Healing Centers currently have 2 locations. Colibri House (La Paz, Mexico) is opening in January and Michael Young House will open in the spring in Nelson BC.

I look forward to sharing more about all this with you!!

Thanks to all the beautiful people that have supported us along the way.

Much love!